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Most vibrant healthcare company

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About us

At our pharmaceutical company, we are focusing on developing a diverse portfolio of gynecological formulations that aim to improve women's health and well-being. Our panels of renowned doctors, medical advisors and dedicated team of experts and researchers have been tirelessly working on creating products that prioritize safety, quality, and efficacy.

We understand the importance of women's health and believe that every woman deserves access to reliable and advanced healthcare solutions. Our formulations will encompass a range of areas, including adolescent, reproductive and post-menopausal care and more.

Our Core Pillars


A driving force for the organization across the value chain.


Manage businesses by imbibing best practices of governance and ethics.

Customer Focus

Seek to understand customer needs and focus on total customer satisfaction.

Respect for People

Our most important belief is to respect people and their contributions.

Our Products

Adolescent Age Group

Providing holistic healthcare & support to young individuals during the transformative period of adolescence, addressing their unique physical, mental, and emotional needs while promoting healthy development and disease prevention.

Reproductive Age Group

Focuses on the comprehensive healthcare and specialized medical interventions for individuals within the age range of potential childbearing, encompassing reproductive health, family planning, fertility treatments, and prenatal care.

Post-Menapausal Age Group

Focuses on the specialized medical care and support for women who have undergone menopause, addressing the unique health concerns, hormonal changes, and age-related conditions associated with this stage of life.

Our Team

Ajeet Pal Singh

Founder & MD

Ajeet Pal Singh is the founder of Aptej Lifescience & is involved in facilitating the business operation.

He has a proven sales & marketing management track record with over 25 years of experience. Prior to his entrepreneurial debut with Aptej Lifescience, he had worked 18 years with companies like Dr. Reddy Labs & Glenmark pharmaceuticals.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Science & Executive MBA in Marketing from NMIMS, Mumbai.

Gurpreet Kaur

Co-Founder & COO

Gurpreet Kaur is Co-Founder of Aptej Lifescience & is involved in finance managements & office operations using her financial & office management skills. She is having great experience of teaching & business skills.

She holds a master's degree in commerce (Gold Medalist) from Nanital University (UK)

Shishir Gupta

Deputy General Manager

Shishir Gupta is a Senior sales professionals having in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry with 21 years of experience out of which 15 years with Glenmark pharmaceuticals.

He is having great Leadership Skills, Building and maintaining strong relationships with healthcare professionals, key stakeholders, and customers.

He is process oriented & open to change and quick to adapt to market shifts, and industry trends, He adheres to the highest ethical standards to maintain the company's reputation and integrity.

He is graduated from Lucknow University and has an Executive MBA in Marketing from Himalayan University.

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